Pasta Made With Passion
I have been making pasta for over 50 years. My philosophy is simple – “be true to yourself and the things that make you happy” - I learned this as a boy in the family kitchen in Veronella and still believe it today. For me, perfect pasta comes from a passion for food and the joy of sharing that passion with the people you love. Here is my story of dedication, commitment and passion and how tradition and innovation have been the hallmarks of my success.


Born October 15th near Verona, Italy
I was born on 15 October in Cologna Veneta, a village close to Verona. Some say I came into this world with a tortellino in my hand!


I joined my brothers in the kitchen of their small bakery in San Giovanni Lupatoto
It is here that I learned the finer points of bread making.


Local women spark my imagination
Inspired by the old-world techniques of local women, I began making tortellini in a small shop in San Giovanni Lupatoto. I then headed out on my trusty red motorino to deliver my fresh tortellini to the homes of families who didn’t have time to make their own pasta.


My dreams of becoming a master pastamaker begin to unfold
I opened the doors to my own company – Pastificio Rana - on March 28th


Expansion thanks to family and friends
My sister and other members of my family pitched in to help as my passion began to spread throughout Italy.


Pastamaker and inventor
To be able to keep up with the demand for my fresh pasta, I invented machinery that reproduces a pastamaker’s hand movements, giving my pasta the same qualities as pasta made by hand.


Pastificio Rana gets a new home
My company - Pastificio Rana - moved to a new premises in San Giovanni Lupatoto -- just steps away from my home.


Delivery expands to all of Italy
My fresh pasta distribution spread throughout Italy and I made plans to start advertising.


Italy’s Most Loved fresh pasta isnow available across Europe and in the United States
From the start of my journey on my beloved motorino, my company has always lived by my values and has become the unchallenged leader in European fresh pasta. I have now expanded into the United States sharing my passion for great tasting fresh pasta beyond Italy and Europe.

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