Since his beginnings in the 1960s, Giovanni Rana has come a long way. His is a story of dedication, commitment and passion, a long journey across Italy, then Europe, and now to America. This journey tells the story of how tradition and innovation have always been hallmarks of Giovanni Rana’s success and how everyday challenges have made his company a leader in the fresh pasta market.


Giovanni Rana was born on 15 October in Cologna Veneta, a village close to Verona.


Giovanni Rana joins his brothers in their bakery kitchen in San Giovanni Lupatoto and learns the finer points of bread-making.


Inspired by the old-world techniques of local women, a young Giovanni begins making tortellini in a small shop in San Giovanni Lupatoto. He then heads out on his trusty motor scooter to deliver his tortellini door to door.


A passionate, young pastamaker’s dream begins to unfold. The adventure of Pastificio Rana begins. An adventure spanning 50 years.


A resourceful Giovanni invents machinery that reproduces a pastamaker’s hand movements, giving his pasta the same qualities as pasta made by hand.


Pastificio Rana moves to a new production site in San Giovanni Lupatoto – just steps away from the master pastamaker’s home.


Distribution spreads throughout Italy and soon the company begins advertising.


The pastamaker stars in his own ad campaign and personally guarantees the quality and taste of his products.


Through the magic of special effects, Giovanni Rana delivers with a wink to his fans by appearing in a series of TV commercials with historic figures such as Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Humphrey Bogart.


Today, Giovanni Rana is the unchallenged leader in European fresh pasta and continues to find success from innovation, communication and a true obsession for quality, earning the trust of millions of consumers across the world.

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